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Audacity is an EXCELLENT open-source software (read free) which can be used to


-record your students and provide them with accurate feedback on their errors and mistakes.

-slow down fast authentic audio tracks for use in the classroom.

-create your own recording to support a presentation on a grammar point or anything else you'd like to teach.

-add music to a powerpoint presentation of a grammar point (your teens will love you if you add Akon or Nelly)

-create your own podcast for your students!


It can be downloaded here.


Don't forget to make sure your microphone's set up!  


I spent 7hrs trying to figure out why I couldn't hear myself the first time I did this.  The most useful tip I can add is: block some time and play around till you're happy, it takes a little while to get used to it but once you've successfully recorded yourself/your students/a presentation - you're hooked.


Useful links regarding audacity, setting it up, and the manual are on my delicious here. 


Have fun!




To see one method you can use to share your recordings go to the Google Gadgets page.



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