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File-sharing and much more! This exciting (new to me) application allows you to share files with designated users in a space that can be customised and added to by other (if you want) and which can be set to expire or disappear after a set time that you choose. This is file-sharing with a real collaborative and very sophisticated feel to it. Here's a review which outlines the basic features:


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Here's the How to video with step-by-step in structions:


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For some ideas on how to use in your teaching here's a link to the

Free technology for teachers blog


There are a great many free file-sharing web-based applications. Until recently, I had been using MediaFire a lot to share files with colleagues and students. However, the service became a little unreliable (uploaded files disappearing, etc.) so I looked around for alternatives and came across the far superior Box.Net. This has an applet that allows you to upload folders and multiple files by simply dragging and dropping them into the applet box on your desktop. But even more impressive is the widget that can be embedded on your blog or wiki (or website) and which allows students, etc. to view and download the files in any of the online folders you have created and choose to share. Here's an example of material uploaded and displayed on a class wiki page:




This is really an invaluable tool as it allow students to view material for lessons that they may have perhaps missed, or to download it so that they can repeat activities at home. This is also a very convenient way of delivering homework or self-study material.


And here's an embedded widget. Notice how you can choose to preview the pdf online or download it. And the same is true with the mp3 audio file. It has it's own player so your learners can listen online or download it to their mp3 player:




There are of course many other file-sharing applications available, for example File Dropper, which has a wonderfully simple user-friendly interface and offers a massive 5GB free storage space. Xdrive from AOL also offers 5GB free storage, but you need to create an AOL account to access this and the registration process is geared towards US residents, but I got round this easily enough. The interface is very sophisticated and you can also download a client that allows easy drag and drop uploading from your desktop to your online account. You can of course upgrade, for a fee to a 50GB account and this would be way of keeping a safe copy of all your files online (provided you trust the service), of sharing and folders and files with others, and of synchronizing folders, etc. across different computers that you may be using. Lastly, there is Yuuguu, which allows desktop sharing and file-sharing, as well as free web-conferencing, but I haven't tested this service as yet. 



If you try or have already tried any of these applications, or you know of any other similar ones, I'd be really interested in hearing from you.



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Vance said

at 12:35 pm on Oct 19, 2008

i mentionED your post to the Learning with Computers list when the opportunity arose a few days ago. I think it's intriguing giving a wiki file sharing capabilities and I'm sure I'll revisit this soon. I've bookmarked this in my delicious. - Vance

Carl Dowse said

at 9:53 pm on Oct 20, 2008

Hi Vance,
Thanks for the mention on the list. Looking forward to seeing you here again soon.

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