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Welcome to biz-e-tech-training


This is intended as an experiment in collaborative professional development for teachers of English working with business students or corporate clients. Its aim is to provide support collaboratively for those who are interested in using technology with their learners.


At the moment the structure is very basic - just a series of pages (see the SideBar on the right) and on each page, a free application (usually web-based) is very briefly showcased. Along with the showcased application, there is a call for specific ideas for learning activities - either online or in the classroom using the tool in question. And that's it.


Latest applications


Please note that it is up to all of us - including YOU - to develop this wiki. Without your contribution, it will simply not work as a collaborative tool. msn smileys


To become a contributor to this wiki click on Create (top right) an account or if you have a PBwiki account already click on Login (also top right). To create an account enter your name, a password of your choice and an email address. You will receive an email confirmation and when you go to the link provided I recommend you leave the "Notify me of changes" box unchecked unless you would like to receive an email every time a page is edited! You can then enter the wiki and edit pages (use the edit tab on each page.


If you add suggestions please avoid making them vague of the type "this would be great for speaking practice", but rather take a moment or two to suggest a specific activity for a particular business function (emailing, presenting, negotiating, socializing, and so on), etc. and then briefly sketch in how you think the activity would go in a classroom or e-learning (remote learning) setting. A detailed lesson plan isn't necessary!


So, to take part, you can either


  • add a new page to showcase an application you have found which looks groovy, but you can't think how to use (remember to add a link in the sidebar!), or you can
  • view the applications already showcased and add a suggestion for an activity. Or, you can
  • further develop an activity already suggested for an application. Or you can
  • just browse and add nothing!


As said above, this is an experiment in collaborative professional development for those interested in using "teachology", so the last option is OK, but unless enough people take the trouble to actually contribute the project will probably fall at the first hurdle!


Success or failure will also depend on people getting to know about this experiment, so if you like the idea, be sure to spread the word!


If we see that there is a desire for this kind of collaboration and the wiki starts to grow and is clearly proving helpful then we can think about improving how things are organized. But, let's see how it goes first.





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