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Second Life

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Here's Philip Rosdale the founder of Second Life talking at TED:



If you have experience of teaching in Second Life or know of SL activities or loactions that would be suitable for business English, please add your thoughts here.

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at 9:55 pm on Sep 7, 2010

I was offered a job doing market research "in world" for a large american language text book publisher who wanted to expand their presence in SL so I imagine that the opportunities are growing. The possibilities for an ESL student to practice in SL are there and there are language schools "in world" who may be by now offering specific business English instruction . I made money as a tutor in SL and recommend SL to all my language learners for just practicing. If I come across any specific business activities, I will let us know.There is a bit of a learning curve in dealing with SL in general so users must invest some time to achieve goals which is what I see as the major difficulty in using SL as an ESL tool. However, for those with time and computer inclination its a great tool for students with limited access to " Real English" speakers.

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