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Wikis are of course a BIG topic as there are one of the most versatile Web 2.0 tools we have at our disposal. I've been using wikis for some time now, I started with  this public wiki:


BEO - Business English Online


Now I tend to set up private wikis for each of my corporate clients or groups of business students. You are of course welcome to visit and use the BEO wiki which has lots and lots of resources, but unfortunately I can't show any of the private ones I use for reasons of confidentiality


Video tour of wikis


Here's a video tour of some wikis I am currently using with corporate clients and undergraduate business students It's a little long - over sixty minutes, which is rather more than the anticipated 30 or so minutes mentioned at the beginning! But I hope there's something of interest to you here, and that your investment of time in viewing it will be rewarded a little with some useful ideas and tips that will help with you own wiki-ing!



If you are also using wikis to teach English in a business setting it would be really interesting and helpful to hear what kind of things you're doing with them. I've got the ball rolling by making one suggestion and giving an example.


Setting up a wiki


Here's a short video tutorial that goes through the process of setting up a free, private wiki using the wiki hosting service. (the sound is not great so please turn up the volume!)


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Classroom wikis


PBwiki has added classroom accounts to make inviting and managing learners to your wiki easier. Check it here.




1. Wikis provide an easy to use accesible platform for webquests, e.g. Digital Brand Management (suitable for Intermediate +)


2. Here's a nice intro to wikis, their advantages and disadvatges with suggestions for teaching activities provided my Macmillan English as an update to Pete Sharma and Barney Barrett's book Blended Learning.




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